Building the USS Kyushu (Part 8)


The highlighters were pinstriped and epoxied to the saucer and engineering hull. The lower highlighter was attached further from the engineering hull by a small stacked cube of styrene.

With help from my brother, I rigged up a quick backdrop with studio lighting and took some pictures of the completed build.

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  1. bdfd says:

    Amazing !
    Good job…

  2. zander says:

    waw i have always loved this design, you’ve done an amazing job re creationg her. would love to have a model kit of this to build

    • mwileyart says:

      Technically you can build one just like it. Just buy two 1/1400 AMT/Ertl Enterprise-D kits and some Stabilo Boss highlighters.

  3. Jeff Sichta says:

    I saw this page linked from the Trekyards Facebook page and enjoyed your construction details; very nice job! I like the photos, but since I’m kind of a stats and specs fan, I was curious if you’d sat down and determined how many decks the ship had. There is only one page showing a direct side-view, but even then I can’t see the top of the primary hull to see how it’s curved…I count 7 decks in the upper half, or at least 6 rows of windows that I can only assume is one deck per window, and figure another deck is taken up by the phaser strip array. The upper and lower halves of the secondary hull look to have a discrepancy in window row heights so it’s difficult to tell. I didn’t know if you’d noticed that, or if it’s a trick of the camera angle? Again, excellent job!

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