USS Enterprise Cutaway

Here is my interpretation on a cutaway version of the new USS Enterprise as featured in Star Trek Into Darkness. Many areas are based from locations seen in both movies, along with many details I added for fun.

Created in Adobe Illustrator.

It's also for sale!

Flux Capacitor Diagram

Ever wondered how the Flux Capacitor actually works? Where does the power feed into? Here is an exploded diagram of the Flux Capacitor as seen in Back to the Future.

I designed many elements that were never seen on-screen such as the "Capacitor Drive" and "Temporal Singularity Chamber."

Temporal Experiment #1

Technical illustration featured on a blueprint-styled backdrop.

After the events in the first Back to the Future movie, what if the Dr. Emmett Brown made revisions to his time machine before he went to 2015?

The comments featured list problems encounted by unwilling time-traveler Marty McFly during his trip to and from 1955.

Pens to Lens 2014

Hosted by the Champaign-Urbana Film Society, Pens to Lens is an annual event where they invite K-12 students in East-Central Illinois to write screenplays for the competition.

Artists create posters for the screenplays and a select few get filmed by local filmmakers.

I created posters for "The Dummy vs. The Mad Robots" and "Mighty-Us."