Building the USS Kyushu (Part 1)

Creating a studio scale replica.

The Kyushu was featured in the starship graveyard scene in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 'The Best of Both Worlds." In the episode, the USS Kyushu was one of 40 ships Starfleet sent to defeat the Borg on its way towards Earth. Unfortunately, almost all of the ships were destroyed.

The producers of the show needed lots of ships to film the scene, so the model makers cobbled together or "kitbashed" various plastic model kits to create the ships for the scene.

I have always wanted to make this ship, but the references available were either too small, blurry, or shown in the final, damaged state. There have been paper models, resin models, and fan-created orthos of the ship, but were speculation of what the ship looked like. My goal of this project was to make a studio replica using most of the same model pieces, materials and process as in the creation of the original ship.

The pictures shown here were the only references available until 2016.

Finally! References!

In early 2016, Rick Sternbach, lead illustrator for TNG, posted some clean images of the USS Kyushu model and others model ships built for the episode before they were battle damaged. These images have never been featured in any publication. It was the first time since 1990, when the episode aired, we got to see the model in good lighting with crisp detail.

Now let's get to work.

Later in my model's construction, additional references were posted online and I was quickly able to make changes to my model.

Continue to Part 2.

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