What Pieces Were Used?

It was widely known that the model makers used the 1:1400 USS Enterprise-D for a majority of the USS Kyushu and scratchbuilt a few sections.

Since I now had a top view, I scaled up the picture to perfectly line up with the model kit. The upper and lower pods were created from Swan Stabilo- Boss highlighters. Luckily, I owned two of them and the highlighters were still available for sale online.

The bridge module on the top center of the saucer was considerably larger than the one the model kit provided so I had to scratchbuild/sculpt that part out of Apoxie Sculpt. I believe the modelmakers recasted the bridge from the 3 or 4 foot studio models of the Enterprise-D.

The upper and lower saucer sections were sanded smooth, but the windows in the original were not filled in. I decided to not fill them in since they were visible on the original model. I also scribed the existing shield grid deeper.

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