USS Kyushu Build Up (Part 3)

Align, cut and sculpt.

This was one of the trickiest parts of the build- cutting the engineering hull sections, yet have enough gluable surface to connect the sections together. I epoxied strips of styrene plastic on the inside of the parts to connect the hull sections, then added some apoxie sculpt to strengthen the connection. I was pleasantly surprised though my Aves apoxie sculpt was over 7 years old, it was still very usable. I just had to pick off the discolored bits. Awesome stuff with excellent shelf life.

Once that dried, I sanded the section, and applied more Aves. I filled in the low parts with Tamiya Putty (Basic Type) and aves and let them dry. Tamiya Putty is extremely smelly stuff, so be sure to have good ventilation.

Next are the pylons.

Continue to Part 4.

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