Building the USS Kyushu (Part 4)

Constructing the pylons.

Building the pylons was a make or break part of the build. They had to be thin, strong, and able to hold up a warp nacelle without drooping- a common problem in Star Trek model making. I began by tracing the pylon onto a piece of cardstock. I had to do this a couple of times to get the shape just right, then I transferred the template to a piece of styrene.

I originally reinforced the pylon with a piece of 1/16” aluminum, but it was difficult to cut and bend into shape. Though it was very strong, I wasn’t happy with the 90 degree bend towards the nacelle. I ended up using a section of perforated galvanized steel hanger strap.

The metal strap was sandwiched between the pieces of styrene and epoxied together. Any tears or breaks that occurred were repaired with Aves. I then added ribbed plastic strips for the phaser arrays.

The pylons, engineering hull and saucer were then all epoxied together. The saucer acted as a clamp to hold the pylons in place. The neck was then sculpted with Aves and smoothened to shape.

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