Building the USS Kyushu (Part 7)

Finishing touches, decaling, and priming.

The escape pods were painted using a template I cut out of cardstock. it was much quicker than hand painting them. The forward bits of the markers were painted black. Other colored used were Insingia Red, Panzer Yellow/Gold and Brass.

The stand was hand carved from high density foam and primed. I used cheapo Walmart apple barrel paint- black, light gray, and brown. Brass rods were inserted into the stand and a ball of hot glue was added to the tips to make the ship grip to the stand.

Pinstriping. I used Great Planes brand pinstriping tape for models- the smaller the better. I purchased the 1/16" width, but trimmed it even smaller for the upper saucer. The saucer pinstriping was red, but the rest was 1/16" in white, metallic aluminum and the windows in black.

I originally printed the decals on Evan Designs decal paper. It was recommended by my local hobby store. Honestly, it was bad paper- too thick, and would not remain clear. I immediately switched to Testors clear decal paper. The result was night and day. Miscellaneous decals like the cargo bays and emblem pinstripes were used from the original decal sheet that came with the Enterprise-D kit.

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