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Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Every Ghostbuster fan's dream is to own a proton pack. I scratchbuilt mine in 3 months and it was well worth it.

The proton pack is made out of plastic garage sale signs, PVC tubing, and random parts I found from the Dollar Tree and a local craft supply store. I also had a local friend 3D print some 1970s/80s radio parts. The decals and warning labels were produced by a local print shop.

The project started when I obtained the ALICE pack at a flea market. The ALICE pack is the military frame everything gets attached to. Plans for the proton pack were found online. Fans took careful measurements of each component of the filming prop and translated them into printable plans. The only items I couldn't make myself were the khaki flight suit and the lights and sounds kit for the pack.

The pack was textured with a spray-on plaster texturizer, spray paint, and weathered with Fuller's Earth/Bentonite Clay, an ash-like powder commonly used in the film industry to weather props and clothing.